Discovering Individual Leaders

Case Study #1:

Placing a National Director of Customer Relationship Management

SES worked directly with the CEO of an emerging management consulting firm to place its national director of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). SES played a significant role in the final stages of the search, bringing competitive information and persuasive arguments to dissuade the candidate from taking a similar position with a competitor. The new hire demonstrated such extraordinary leadership and performance within the first six months that she was promoted to lead not only CRM but also all of Technical Solutions for the company.



Case Study #2:

Finding a Senior Executive

A global telecommunications firm asked SES to find an executive for its Pacific Rim division. Strong SES contacts at the Pentagon led to a senior level official who was fluent in Japanese, experienced in management, and willing to move to Japan. He was hired and, under his leadership, the company opened new markets and established important new business relationships.



Case Study #3:

Discovering a Blue Chip Leader

For a year, a strategic consulting group launching a new entertainment media division tried several search firms without success. The few candidates produced could not be convinced to leave established companies. However, within two months, SES identified and placed a Harvard MBA with six years' consulting experience at one of the client's top competitors. In his first year, the new hire developed business with two major studios and sold engagements with five years' potential.


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