SES maintains a deep network of research capabilities and sourcers spanning from Los Angeles to Bangalore.  The network operates both in global and domestic executive searches.


Tom personally trains his staff to master core competencies so as to bring the best candidate to the position.  In order to obtain superior search results, all staff are proficient in:


·      recognizing the experience and skillset  required by our clients


·      qualifying candidates’ strengths and understanding their limitations


·      focusing on identifying the dreams and aspirations of appropriate candidates


·      calibrating candidates’ abilities explicitly through the lens of specific job



·      grasping cultural nuances


·      understanding the psychology of transition


·      remembering the importance of smooth assimilation


During the interview process, SES brings additional value to the client-candidates relationship by creating further communication and trust through close contact with both.  SES’s system of bilateral access brings both parties together for a sustainable long-term collaboration.


Finally, Tom's staff members have high creativity quotients and spend time bringing their intuition to the various fundamental mechanisms of executive recruiting.  SES team members are comprised of both recent graduates and longtime employees, some of whom have been with the firm for over 10 years.  Each works tirelessly to bring success to our clients by using their intelligence, insight and dedication.


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